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Here are 5 ways to hire a roofing contractor for an insurance claim. Roof Damage Insurance Claim

Dec 30

It can be stressful to see roof damage following a storm. It's even more stressful dealing with your insurance company and filing for claims for damage to your roof.

This is why you must choose a roofing professional who can guide you through all the steps of the claim process. The issue is that there are numerous roofing companies out there.

How can you find the best roofing contractor for your roof repair insurance claim, with all of the options? These 5 tips will help you locate the perfect roofing company to handle your insurance claim for roof damage.

For over 10 years Select Adjusters' team of experts Select Adjusters has helped homeowners navigate the insurance claim for roof damage process. We want to assist you in finding a local roofing contractor or Arizona public adjuster who can do exactly the same.

At the end of this article, you'll have five suggestions for the hiring of a roofing professional for the insurance claim of a damaged roof.

Be sure to consider roofing contractors with a local address as well as the phone number

You must find a local contractor to assist you in your claim for roof damage.

A potential roofing contractor should be located near to you , as well as a phone number. It ensures that they'll be there for any claim procedure, and you'll know how to find them if you ever experience a problem with your roof.

It's essential to verify that they're local when selecting a roofing contractor. This is particularly crucial if you have insurance for roof damage. Storm chasers will undoubtedly be in your area after an intense storm.

These companies are from outside of the state and come to the scene right after the hurricane. They cut local roofing prices, then take the money , then go to the next town affected by the storm.

They don't care about your local codes or whether or not they correctly put up your roof. They will not be able to return your phone call if they have quit your home.

Every roofing contractor has to be licensed, bonded, and insured

It doesn't matter if you've roofing insurance, each roofing contractor must be licensed in the state of California, bonded and insured. The three pieces of insurance protect you and make sure the job is completed in a timely manner.

You should ensure any potential roofing company is licensed, bonded and insured in your particular state. Contact potential roofing contractors for proof.

Here's a quick breakdown on why each piece of paper is important to you.


To obtain a license as contractors, they have to register with the state's board that licenses contractors. The cost of their work will determine the kind of license they'll need.

A home improvement licence is required for any job over $3,000 and an general contractor's license for any job that exceeds $25,000. Roofers must have an official license for general contractors because the roof is an expensive investment.


Bonds ensure that, if the company ceases to be in operation in the course of work or if there's an issue in the work that they aren't able to resolve it, then the customer can take advantage of the bond company.

Being bonded means that the bonding company is aware that roofing contractors are doing business ethically and in a professional manner. The bonding firm puts up the bond as they are confident that the contractor will perform the job the right way.


All contractors should be fully insured , with general liability or workman's compensation as well as an insurance policy for the company's vehicles on all vehicles they own and do not own.

General liability insurance as well as workman's comp limits are based on the nature of the contractor's jobs as well as the state in which they're operating. Their general liability isn't so high if they're only doing small residential jobs.

Do not hire an roofing contractor who isn't licensed, bonded and insured in your region. If something goes wrong on the actual job, you're left with no recourse.

It's crucial to find an experienced roofing contractor with previous experience dealing with roofing damage insurance claims

These guidelines are crucial for every hire. However, they are especially important for roof damage claims. It is essential to select a roofing contractor who has previous experience dealing with insurance claims.

Finding a roofing contractor that regularly deals with insurance business is an excellent choice. They are familiar with the process of submitting claims to insurance companies, how to read your claim, supplement anything missing, and how to perform the work in line with the insurance company. It is possible to avoid accidentally being a victim of insurance fraud by hiring a roofing company.

For example:

If you're covered by an insurance policy known as a Replacement Cost Value policy, or RCV, (your insurance company will pay to replace your roof), the work estimate might be less than what the insurance company is willing to pay. It's not your right to keep the money that's leftover.

Your RCV policy requires proof of completion to ensure all the items listed in the estimate of insurance are included in the contractor's scope of work. The insurance company won't give any depreciation in the event that they request an amount for depreciation that is recoverable. It is the amount an insurance company determines the roof's value had decreased over time.

It is essential to locate a roofing contractor that has the experience of handling insurance claims. This will ensure you are able to have a positive experience in stressful situations.

Locate a roofing company that stands behind their work

Your roof replacement quality is influenced by the roofing company you select. That's why, regardless whether you're dealing with a roof damage insurance claim , or a retail business, it is essential to select a roofing contractor that is able to guarantee their work.

In order to do this, learn about the warranty for workmanship a roofing company offers. If they're really proud in their work, they'll be able to stand behind it even if something happens to go wrong.

The warranty on workmanship is between one year, two years three years five years, 10 years and 25 years or even one-year warranties. A minimum of a 10-year warranty is mandatory, however, it's worthwhile to look into warranties that include an equivalent or longer term warranty.

A workmanship warranty should be offered by every roofing company. If a roofing contractor doesn't offer a guarantee for their work then don't think about employing them to handle the roof damage insurance claim.

Read the most recent reviews for each potential roofing contractor

There are many methods to locate a reliable roofing contractor, plumber, carpenter, or whatever service that you're looking to find in this day and age of digital technology. One of the best methods for homeowners to find a roofing contractor to make a roof damage insurance claim is to look at reviews.

The evaluation of prospective roofing contractors should be based upon the past two to three months. This will ensure you are getting the most up-to-date homeowner experiences that are both positive and bad.

Reviews can provide important information about whether a contractor is able to do quality work and how they deal with insurance claims. I'm not saying that all reviews you read are correct because there are some who go to the extreme either way.

If a business stands by its work, has a good relationship with customers and does things right and is honest with its reviews, they will show that.

Get this checklist to ask potential roofing contractors the correct concerns.

Once you've got these five suggestions, it's time to start searching for potential roofing contractors to help with your roofing damage insurance claims. These tips are fantastic but you must be sure to ask appropriate questions.

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